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Oregon Coast Awesome Storm Watching Spots

Video by Register-Guard

One of our favorite winter activities is storm watching on the coast. Depoe Bay is always a favorite, but check out this list compiled by Jamie Hale, of the Oregonian.

"CAUTION: When the really big storms roll in, make sure to watch from a safe distance and height. Stay off of jetties and avoid low-lying areas like beaches and tide pools, and keep an eye out for sneaker waves. While ski bums hold their collective breath for snow to fall on the mountains, beach bums wait for big storms to roll in over the Pacific. Storm watching is among the best winter recreation on the Oregon coast, when the violent, churning ocean crashes dramatically against headlands and sea stacks, putting on a show that’s nothing short of awesome. But if you want to see the biggest waves, you can’t just go anywhere. To find the best storm watching spots you have to find places with specific geology that allows waves to come into shore unhindered, with rock formations against which they can crash and spray. You also want to get to a spot with a viewpoint that’s far back enough to view the storms safely – bonus points if it’s warm and cozy. Just as you’d run out to the coast on a nice day in summer, consider heading out there on a particularly nasty day this winter to enjoy the show as it blows into shore. It’s a little more dangerous than basking in the sun, but that thrill is exactly what makes it so appealing."

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