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Tel: 541-994-9645 

Your cancellation will be confirmed by email. If you do not receive email confirmation, please call us, 541-994-9645.

To cancel without charge, you must cancel by email AT LEAST 48 hours prior to your trip.


The full credit card price per person will be charged for each Guaranteed Reservation that a passenger cancels with less than 48 HOURS notice before their departure time.

If you book within 24 hours of your selected pick up date and a confirmation email is sent to you, you will be charged if you do not board the shuttle.


Any and all Guaranteed Reservations that NO-SHOW and are not canceled or changed prior to their departure times will be charged the full credit card amount of their reserved seat.


Cancellations are valid by email or cancellation link only. Send an email to


Include your name and date of travel for all dates which need to be cancelled. Each booked date of travel, is considered a separate reservation and will be held in place or cancelled individually.

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