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Can I bring my bicycle?

Yes. We can accommodate your bicycle. Please mark the appropriate box on the reservation form so that we bring the appropriate vehicle.


The cost for bringing a bicycle is an additional $20.00 per bike.

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Can I bring my pet?

  • All animals must be clean and well mannered.

  • Pets under 20 pounds are allowed for an additional $20 per pet and need to be in airline approved hard carriers only.

  • We do have a hard carrier available for rent, with advance request.

  • The carrier will be traveling in the baggage compartment. 

  • Pets over 20 pounds require special consideration and the cost will vary based on size and available space.

  •  If you will be bringing a pet or working animal, please notify us when you book your reservation.


"Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities."  


If your animal is not a working service animal, you will be charged $20


  • - Service Animals

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Can I get a private shuttle?

  • Private shuttles are sometimes available.


  • Cost is different than the daily shuttle, please call for pricing. 541-921-8406


  • If you request a private shuttle, wait time exceeding 30 minutes past scheduled pick up time will be billed at $20 per hour until the passenger is in the vehicle.

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Can I park my car at your pick up locations?

No, please arrange to be dropped off at the stop.


Do NOT leave your vehicle at any of our shuttle stops.


Caravan Transportation Service is not responsible or liable for any consequences or charges resulting in a vehicle left at any of our stops.


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Can I pay using my credit card?

Yes. At the time of booking you have the option of choosing to have your credit card charged on the day of travel, or paying cash to the driver. 

If you choose the credit card option, DO NOT PAY FOR YOUR FARE IN CASH. 

If you chose credit card in error and would like to change your method of payment, please email as soon as possible so that we can change the payment method on the driver manifest.

Cash given to the driver, if you have chosen to pay by credit card, is considered his/her gratuity. Your credit card will still be processed at the end of the day for your fare.

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Can you pick me up at my home or other location?

  • We are no longer able to accomodate alternate address pickup or drop off. 

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How do I cancel?

To cancel without charge, you must cancel by email AT LEAST 48 hours prior to your trip.


The full credit card price per person will be charged for each Guaranteed Reservation that a passenger Cancels with less than 48 HOURS notice before their departure time.


Any and all Guaranteed Reservations that NO-SHOW and are not canceled or changed prior to their departure times will be charged the full credit card amount of their reserved seat.


Cancellations are valid by email or cancellation link only. Send an email to


Include your name and date of travel.


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How much luggage can I bring?

We allot each passenger room for 1 large or 2 medium pieces of luggage.

  •        A large would be maximum weight: 40 pounds and maximum size 62 inches (length + width + height).  

  •        A medium bag would be 24x16x10 in(L x W x H)

  •        Oversize (40lbs +) or Irregular shaped items are $25 per item.

If you bring additional regular sized items, a $10 fee per item will be charged.


We may not always have room for additional baggage.You must notify us at time of reservation if you are bringing additional baggage so that we may bring the correct vehicle to accommodate.


Bikes, Golf bags, Skis and music instraments are allowed for an additional fee of $25 per item. You must notify us at time of reservation if you are bringing these items so that we bring the correct vehicle to accomodate.


If you do not indicate these items, we may not be able to accommodate.


If you need additional help transporting your bags, a $3 gratuity per bag is customary.

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What if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

  • AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOUR FLIGHT WILL BE DELAYED OR CANCELLED, contact us with the flight information or you WILL be charged the full credit card price of your reservation as "No show."  

  • If your flight will be delayed, you will need to send us the email from the airline by 2:00pm the following day, indicating the delay. This email needs to indicate your flight details and number and your name as well as delay information. 

  • If you are unable or did not receive an email, you can send a screenshot of text from the airline with this information.


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What is the cost for children?

  • With a paid fare, one child under age 5 rides free. One free child per group. 

  •  Unattended minors must be 10 years of age and have guardian written permission and an attendant, with ID, to receive them at the airport or drop off location. 

  • You must provide your own child safety seat. If a child safety seat is not present for children under age 8,  transportation will not be provided.


  • Child safety seat law    

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Will I get a seat if show up at a stop without a reservation?

If we don't have a reservation we may not pull in to the pick up location.


We may have a seat available at that particular stop but it may be reserved for the next stop so it wouldn't be available to you.


If you show up without a reservation and we have empty seats we will sell them on a first come first served basis. We do reserve the right to charge an additional walk up fee.

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